Introduction to the lesson:

  • I give my consent to to share my video testimony and any supporting documents such as medical reports and photographs in Joseph Prince’s teaching resources, website, on all platforms of Joseph Prince’s international ministry and church, as well as with ministers and friends of his ministry and church. All these parties have irrevocable consent to use my testimony in any manner that they deem appropriate, to publish/broadcast it in edited form or to only broadcast/publish parts of it, or not broadcast/publish it at all, and to reprint it in whole or in part, in any format whether presently known or later invented. I give the aforesaid parties permission to use my name, visa, voice, and likeness associated with the use of my testimony.
  • I understand that my personal particulars provided may be shared with the above-mentioned entities for the sole purpose of allowing them to contact me regarding the video testimony I am sharing here.
  • I agree to subject my video testimony to editing for comprehensibility where the accuracy of my testimony is not compromised.
  • I give my video testimony voluntarily and confirm that the information furnished is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge.
  • I agree that I will make no claims against Joseph Prince and/or his publishers (including any licensees and assigns), Joseph Prince’s international ministry and church in connection with the use of my testimony in his teaching resources or any related advertising or publicity materials.
  • I agree to reveal my name, country and/or city of origin as provided.