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Reaching the world with the gospel of grace

Watch this video to hear the heart and mission of Gospel Partner and find out more about our global reach and impact so far:

An invitation to make a difference

In order to continue developing and making more books, sermons and resources available, we have created Gospel Partner subscription plans.

When you sign up for a Gospel Partner subscription, you’ll receive access to over 1,000 sermons that will grow your understanding in the Gospel and deepen your walk with the Lord. On top of that, you will be supporting the work we do as a team to get the gospel of grace out.
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Other ways to support

We’ve received requests from people writing in asking for other ways they can support our Gospel Partner publishing mission. Below are some ways that you can consider partnering with us.

You will be helping us:
  • Accelerate our content creation work
  • Make more resources available for free
  • Support the innovation and development of our technology