Saturate yourself
with the
Word of God

As you read this carefully selected compilation of healing scriptures and listen to them being read over you, may you catch a glimpse of how deeply our Lord Jesus loves you and wants you healed and whole.

If you are trusting the Lord for a healing breakthrough or simply desire to walk in a greater measure of health, this e-book and audio companion will encourage you, flush out your fears, and release healing to your whole body.



What people are saying

I purchased Joseph Prince’s audio book Eat Your Way to Life and Health and began listening to it whenever negative thoughts invaded my mind. . . I went on to get Joseph’s Healing Scriptures on audio. Almost every night for six months, I would listen to the prayer of healing that Pastor Prince prays in the beginning of the audio. . . In July 2020, I had surgery to remove the areas affected by the cancerous tumor. Further testing was done on my breast tissue and lymph nodes, and the results showed that I have been medically cleared of cancer!

LaKesha, Iowa, United States

Pastor Prince, I have been listening to your sermons since 2014. As I listened, the Lord peeled away decades of wrong believing and brought overwhelming changes in my life. . . You also mentioned meditating on the Word whenever we experience insomnia. I didn’t believe it would work at first. But the Lord encouraged me to try it whenever I experienced sleeplessness. So I began to meditate on scriptures about sleep. As I meditated on them, I began to feel so sleepy I couldn’t keep my eyes open!

Bob, Ohio, United States

For two years, I feared so much for my life that I couldn’t drive or sleep with the doors unlocked. . . When Pastor Prince taught that Bible meditation is simply muttering God’s Word under our breath as we go about each day, I felt relieved. Now I enjoy meditating on Scripture and have seen success in many areas—my one-year-old business is thriving in a tough economy and I’m building my dream home debt-free. Not only that, I’m now able to drive without fear. Whenever I feel anxious, I would mutter the Word of God and feel better. I’ve also been encouraged by Pastor Prince’s teachings on God’s protection in Psalm 91. I would read and confess the psalm before going to bed. Unlike before, I can fall asleep even with my bedroom door wide open.

Refilwe, South Africa

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Read & meditate on God’s healing promises daily

Let the Word of God release healing to every part of your body as you read this compilation of healing promises. Keywords are emphasized to help you meditate on and draw the most out of these scriptures. When you wake up in the morning, before you go to bed, or at any time you feel anxious about a health condition you are facing, read this e-book and have God’s life, health, and faith strengthen you from the inside out.

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